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press release

The South African Petroleum Industry Association assures fuel quality over quantity

30 January 2024, Johannesburg, – The South African Petroleum Industry Association (SAPIA) condemns the adulteration of diesel with illuminating paraffin. SAPIA members have zero-tolerance policies towards fuel adulteration to ensure that quality fuel is delivered to their customers.

“As SAPIA, we want to assure the public that our members pride themselves of the quality of their products over quantity, and pushing volumes and profits,” says Avhapfani Tshifularo, executive director of the South African Petroleum Industry Association. “Our members are committed to dealing harshly with any of their franchisees caught selling adulterated diesel,” he adds.

The DMRE’s recent findings – where it identified 70 out of 1 000 failed diesel samples across South Africa – largely confirms the scale of the problem from previous findings on the adulteration of diesel. Moreover, it suggests that the problem is growing – and based on previous information – is mainly confined to the so-called ‘white sites’ that no longer carry a company’s brand due to non-compliance with company policies.

“Our biggest concern is that the unassuming consumer will be tempted towards buying this fuel because of the low price. Fuel prices must be advertised at retail sites by law and retailers offering fuel at ridiculously low prices compared to their competitors, suggests caution needs to be applied. As much as the cost of fuel is too high, do not get into temptation.

“The purchase of diesel adulterated with paraffin can have serious consequences for vehicles by causing engine damage and in extreme cases, the write-off of the vehicle. Furthermore, it is also a form of tax evasion, which is illegal,” Tshifularo concludes.

SAPIA is committed to working closely with the DMRE and other stakeholders to put an end to the practice of illegally mixing diesel with illuminating paraffin. Our mandate is to ensure that the fuel sold in South Africa is of the highest quality and meets the required standards.

We urge members of the public who wish to report any suspicions of adulterated diesel and compliance issues, to contact the following:

    1. Astron Energy or 021 403 7911

    2. BP Southern Africa or 0860 222 166

    3. Elegant Fuel or 015 516 1834

    4. Engen Petroleum or 086 003 6436

    5. Gulfstream Energy or 011 100 7100

    6. PetroSA or 021 929 3000

    7. Puma Energy

    8. Royale Energy or 012 361 0110

    9. Sasol Oil

    10. Shell South Africa         

    11. TotalEnergies Marketing SA or 0860 111 111

    Department of Energy