Skills development

Human Resource Development Strategy

SAPIA’s Human Resource Development Strategy ensures the sustainability of skills in the industry and supports the achievement of the LFC’s human resource transformation objectives. The petroleum industry is of vital strategic importance to the South African economy. It is therefore essential to develop the industry’s human resources for a sustainable future. For this reason, SAPIA plays a central role in ensuring the development of the industry’s human capital. The Human Resource Development Strategy integrates national and industry priorities for business growth and individual empowerment. It rests on four objectives intended for implementation as an integrated whole.

These are to:
  • identify scarce and critical skills for sustainable growth, development and equity;
  • increase the relevance and quality of occupationally directed qualifications for all employees across the industry value chain;
  • assist designated groups, including new entrants, to participate in accredited work-based programmes to acquire scarce and critical skills; and
  • promote and foster a supportive culture for human resource development transformation in the industry.
Advanced Certificate Programme in Management for Oil and Gas
The Advanced Certificate Programme in Management for Oil and Gas is a partnership between SAPIA and Duke Corporate Education. The SAPIA Advanced Certificate Programme in Management for Oil and Gas (National Qualifications Framework Level 8) is aimed at middle managers making a transition to senior managers and who require specialist knowledge in the oil and gas industry. The programme is accredited by the Rhodes Business School. The programme builds and impacts the delegates’ petroleum knowledge; petroleum technical understanding; leadership capabilities and driving a high performance culture; governance understanding and how it impacts the petroleum industry. This programme replaced the Leadership in Oil and Energy Certificate Programme.

Women in Leadership Programme

SAPIA launched the Women in Leadership Programme in 2012. The programme, specifically targeted at women in the petroleum industry, aims to develop the skills of women in management positions. In 2013, the programme accepted delegates from the DOE. It provides a learning opportunity for women who want exposure to the necessary skills and experiences to navigate through a complex, competitive and changing global landscape within the petroleum industry. The programme is offered by Duke Corporate Education.
Masterclass for the Transportation of Petroleum Products

Our aim in these sessions is to address the basics of starting and running a petroleum product transport business, legal and technical aspects, and HSSE aspect of the business.

SAPIA is working on different skill development initiatives which aims:

  • To equip people who are interested in the sector
  • Close the knowledge gap about the sector
  • To realize our transformation goals as the sector.

Most of SAPIA members have different programs to onboard new transporters to give them opportunities to fulfil their transformation goals.

Supporting Documents:

 Transport MasterClass

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Masterclass recording that was held on the 05th of October 2021.