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press release

Floods in KwaZulu-Natal

15 April 2022, Johannesburg – The South African Petroleum Industry Association (SAPIA) today confirmed that there is adequate petroleum product availability in the country following the recent floods in KwaZulu-Natal. While there has been an impact on operations across the supply chain, there is no immediate risk to the availability of fuel. 

The movement of petroleum products is however challenging with a number of sites running dry across the province. Replenishments are planned from areas outside of Durban and the situation is being monitored.  SAPIA urges the public to avoid panic buying as this will contribute to further retail sites running out of fuel. 

Work to the damaged infrastructure is underway, with the clearing of debris at the Durban port. Shipping of petroleum products is currently halted. Most of the Island View terminals have been restored and pipeline injections have commenced.  Pipelines were not affected by the floods.

The closure of the main access road to Island View, the primary storage area at the Durban port, has resulted in limited loading of fuel trucks.  An alternative route to access the port is enabling a 20% loading capacity. 

Railway operations out of Durban have been paused due to mud coverage and railway tracks being washed away. Repairs to the rail lines are expected to take eight days. 

Sapref remains flooded but all staff have been accounted for. The industry is working together with its stakeholders to safely restore all operational infrastructure and mitigate any further fuel supply risks.