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Annual reports

SAPIA produces a variety of publications ranging from annual reports, corporate profiles and fact sheets to once-off special interest publications. These publications form part of SAPIA’s ongoing commitment to keep its stakeholders informed about the petroleum industry’s achievements, challenges and targets.

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Previous years reports are available on request

Corporate profile
SAPIA Corporate Profile September 2017 (8050 KB) 15-Sept-2017

SAPIA 20th Anniversary Celebration (11271 KB) 11-Aug-2014
Special interest

Diesel Gelling – Preparation for Winter (153 KB) 04-May-2021

This publication was compiled by the SAPIA Fuels Technical Committee and NAAMSA (National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa).  The SAPIA Fuels Technical Committee is a standing committee of SAPIA which is tasked with identifying, co-ordinating and overseeing common technical industry issues relating to fuels (excluding lubricants and bituminous products) distributed in South Africa.

This publication concerns diesel gelling, a consideration of the reaction of diesel to cold weather where diesel does not freeze (like water) but develops waxy crystals and can affect engine systems.  The publication provides practical considerations for preparation for winter and prevention of this phenomenon.


Petrol and Diesel in South Africa and the impact on air quality, November 2008 (5988 KB) 12-May-2011
Petrol and Diesel in South Africa and the impact on air quality is available free of charge to anyone who wants to discuss, debate or set policy for liquid fuels. As the executive summary for this comprehensive reference guide states: ‘This guide has been designed to provide relevant and current information for decision-makers on the means to improving air quality, with reference to motor vehicles.

Cleaner fuels for the future – where to from here? (102 KB) 07-Nov-2010
This publication was compiled by the SAPIA Future Fuels Working Group, an oil industry group tasked with developing an industry proposal for a long-term cleaner fuels roadmap for South Africa. If you are serious about petrol or diesel, then Petrol and Diesel in South Africa and the impact on air quality should be your first point of call.

South African Petrol Price Composition (2617 KB) 22-Aug-2012