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  • Safeguarding our environment
  • Safeguarding our environment
  • Multi-product pipeline
  • The road to cleaner fuels
Presentations: 2015
PARTC 3rd Annual Meeting (627 KB) 07-Oct-2015

SAPIA Presentation on Cabotage (278 KB) 03-Sep-2015
South African Issues and Pressures on Transportation Fuels and Specifications (778 KB) 01-May-2015
SAPIA Networking Session (3437 KB) 30-Mar-2015
SARB ORS Committe (750 KB) 09-Mar-2015

Presentations: 2014
SAPIA Anniversary Book: The first 20 years (11271 KB) 28-Jul-2014
The Value of African Refining (2227 KB) 23-Jul-2014
The Global Oil & Gas Industry Association for Environment & Social Issues (5952 KB) 23-Jul-2014
The contribution of a Carbon Tax - SAPIA Conference (1187 KB) 23-Jul-2014
Future Supply Chain of Petroleum Products Strategy Transnet Piplines (14752 KB) 23-Jul-2014
Infrastructure Developments in the Petroleum Pipelines Industry (421 KB) 23-Jul-2014
Benefits of Liquid Fuels Charter (734 KB) 23-Jul-2014
SAPIA - Transformation Journey in the Petroleum Industry (2440 KB) 23-Jul-2014

Presentations: 2013
Chairperson Welcome remarks 12 November 2013 (1020 KB) 14-Nov-2013
Strategic Stocks - Regulator's Perspective (194 KB) 14-Nov-2013
A.2 SAPIA - Stephen Wright - Solomon Assoc (1592 KB) 14-Nov-2013
A.3 SAPIA Security of Supply Risk Matrix - Tom Johnston SJS Energy (236 KB) 14-Nov-2013
A.4 SAPIA Security of Supply - Calum Love (SAPREF) (6177 KB) 14-Nov-2013
B.1 Transnet Dbn Dig - Noel Cronje (4488 KB) 14-Nov-2013
B.2 Lesedi terminal - Eric Kleine - Vopak (7090 KB) 14-Nov-2013
B.3 - SAPIA Supply Seminar (William Kieser.Calulo) (5052 KB) 14-Nov-2013
C.2 Présentation SAGESS - Diedier Harel - Sagess (1617 KB) 14-Nov-2013
C.3 CSO for Bonang Mohale -Sapia (354 KB) 14-Nov-2013
Sunrise Energy Presentation - Sapia (4474 KB) 14-Nov-2013