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  • Safeguarding our environment
  • Safeguarding our environment
  • Multi-product pipeline
  • The road to cleaner fuels
Vision, mission and values
SAPIA celebrated its 20th anniversary in July 2014, the same year that South Africa celebrated its 20 years of freedom and democracy. SAPIA was established in 1994 under the auspices of former president Nelson Mandela to represent the collective interests of the South African liquid fuels industry and to usher South Africa’s vital liquid fuels industry into a new democratic era.

SAPIA aspires to be a respected, reputable and value adding industry association.

Working together within the petroleum industry to promote inclusive social and economic growth.

Strategic Agenda
There are three strategic focus areas, depicted in the strategy diagram below, which will enable SAPIA to achieve its vision:

  1. Planning for tomorrow means focusing on industry transformation, working towards a fair regulatory framework for all citizens, facilitating security of supply and promoting environmental leadership within the industry.
  2. Enhancing strategic partnerships involves educating stakeholders about the industry’s aims and activities, improving communication, ensuring there is transparency within the industry and that SAPIA is open and honest in all of its dealings.
  3. Providing service excellence entails improving efficiency and effectiveness, implementing the balanced scorecard, proactively identifying opportunities and improving decision-making processes.

There are a number of committees comprising of technical and operational experts from the member companies who are responsible for executing the strategy.