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What do I do if I receive contaminated fuel?

If you suspect the fuel to be contaminated, then this should be reported directly to the oil company concerned.  It would be worthwhile to obtain a sample of the fuel in order to prove contamination, otherwise any claim for damages may be refused.   
In the case of this occurring at an independent retail service station, please contact the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE). 
Contact number: (012) 406 8000


What do I do if a service station is selling fuel at an inflated rate which is not aligned to the regulated fuel price or timeline?

The price of petrol is regulated at the pump meaning that all service stations in an area should be charging the same price for the same grade of this fuel.  If you are unsure of what price should be charged in your area, you can consult the DMRE energy website to obtain the price applicable to your magisterial district area at  

This page provides the prices of petrol for each magisterial district (under Petrol Regulation) and lists each magisterial district (under Magisterial District Zones).   

In the event that you find a service station charging for petrol above (or below) the regulated price, then please contact the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE). 
Contact number: (012) 406 8000


Note that diesel prices are not price regulated and a service station may charge any price for diesel.


I have picked up fuel in my borehole or in the nearest watercourse.  Who should I report this to?  What should I do?


Contact the nearest operator e.g. retail site on the vicinity of the leak.  You can also report the matter to the Local Authority or the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries in your province.


I have a new product, service or technology that will benefit the sector.  Who can I present this to?


Due to competition concerns SAPIA does not facilitate the promotion of 3rd party products.  SAPIA is a strategic organisation with no operational responsibilities.  Kindly contact the oil companies directly.  There information is available on the internet.

I would like to obtain specific company data for benchmarking purposes. 

SAPIA does not provide company specific data.  Consolidated data is available in the SAPIA Annual Report on the SAPIA website

Where and how do I obtain a Wholesale and Retail License? What is the process and time frame?


Regulations governing wholesale and retail licenses are published on the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE) energy website and lists the requirements for obtaining these as well as the forms for application. Licenses are issued by the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE) please contact the following people to assist you with the process details:

•    Mr. Tebogo Lentswe 
Energy Licensing Officer 
Contact number: (012) 406 7585 
Petroleum Licensing Helpdesk: 012 406 7788 

•    Ms Lister Mbowane 
Regional Project Administrator 
Contact number: (012) 406 7631 
Petroleum Licensing Helpdesk: (012) 406 7788 

Petroleum Licensing regional contacts are available on


Where can I get information on the regulations for the importation and exportation of petroleum products?


Only those persons holding a wholesale or manufacturing license may import petroleum products after obtaining a permit issued by ITAC upon recommendation from the Department. Any person may apply for the import of crude oil and the export of petroleum products (including crude oil) after obtaining the necessary recommendations and permits.

Guidelines governing recommendations related to the import and export on petroleum products are published on the Department’s website at

For more information please visit
Contact number: (012) 406 7798 / 7473


What is the process to buy petroleum products from one of the oil majors?


According to the Petroleum Products Act, to purchase petroleum products from one of the oil majors means that you need to satisfy certain criteria – be a licensed wholesaler, a licensed retailer or be an end consumer.

Furthermore, you are also required to be a registered customer to purchase products from the oil company. Please ensure that you satisfy one of the criteria above and  contact the company you wish to purchase from directly for more information of their respective process.


Where can I find a list of accredited fuel distributors?


Please visit


Where can I find a list of storage facilities in South Africa?


The National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) maintains a data base of licensed storage facilities in the country.  This list can be obtained from their website -
Contact number: (012) 401 4700


What are the rules and regulations for selling, transporting and delivering petroleum products?


To sell petroleum products in South Africa, you must be in possession of a Retail or Wholesale license depending on the space you are interested in operating in. To transport and deliver fuel, are required to know, and understand that National Road Transport Act.
In addition, you would need to familiarise yourself with each oil company’s requirements such   as safe loading pass and other technical requirements.


What are the qualifying criteria to become a SAPIA member and what is the process?


To become a SAPIA member, you will be required to have the following:
•    wholesale license
•    trading space
•    SARS clearance certificate
•    A copy of DE 25 Form (Government Gazette No. 35984) that is supplied to the Department of Energy on an annual basis which contains aggregate volumes sold during the previous year
•        1-page motivational letter to support the application

Should you have the above, please send a letter expressing your interest to join SAPIA as a member. 


How can I open a franchise retail service station?


Each oil company has different processes and costs to own a retail service station. Please visit the company website for information on the process.


Where can I apply for funding to start my own business within the petroleum sector?


Different oil companies have programs to assist potential service station operators and some have partnerships with other financial institutions. Visit company website for details.

In addition, there are various funding options available, please contact the following organisations directly for more information:

•    Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa – IDC
19 Fredman Drive, Sandown, 2196
Contact number: (011) 269 3000

•    National Empowerment Fund – NEF
West Block, 187 Rivonia Road, Morningside, 2057
Contact number: (011) 305 8000
Call Centre: 0861 843 633

The following financial institutions also have some funding offerings:

•    First National Bank – FNB
•    Nedbank
•    ABSA
•    Standard Bank
•    Citi Bank