Welcome to the South African Petroleum Industry Association. SAPIA represents the collective interests of the South African petroleum industry.

The Association plays a strategic role in addressing a range of common issues relating to the refining, distribution and marketing of petroleum products, as well as promoting the industry’s environmental and socio-economic progress. SAPIA fulfils this role by proactively engaging with key stakeholders, providing research information, expert advice and communicating the industry’s views to government, members of the public and media.

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The South African fuel price

February 2022, Johannesburg – The fuel price structure has been the topic of public conversation in recent months.  The South African Petroleum Industry Association (SAPIA) explains the mechanics of how fuel prices are determined and what influences the cost at the pump for consumers.

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SAPIA was established in 1994 under the auspices of former president Nelson Mandela to represent the collective interests of the South African liquid fuels industry and to usher South Africa’s vital liquid fuels industry into a new democratic era.


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SAPIA opened its membership in 2012 to accommodate both existing and potential marketers in the petroleum and refinery market. Membership is available to companies participating in the refining and marketing of petroleum products.

Fuel Prices

How petrol prices are calculated in South Africa?

The petrol retail price is regulated by government and changed every month on the first Wednesday of the month. The calculation of the new price is done by the Central Energy Fund (CEF) on behalf of the Department of Energy (DOE). The petrol pump price is composed of a number of price elements and these can be divided into international and domestic elements.

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